Krush operates at the intersection of digital and physical, creating a more perfect union between humans and machine.

By mashing up traditional and emerging technologies and culture in new and astounding ways, we build irresistible products that engage and connect.

We’re always looking ahead to the next, exploring new ideas and discovering. We invent. We invest. We build. We nurture. We grow. We’re a company of makers and doers who are attracted to shifts in culture and tech. When the world changes, so do we. You’ll find our people behind the products you can’t put down and the experiences you keep coming back to.

We’re an innovation factory focused on things like video communicaiton, emotion AI, virtual and augmented reality, and beyond. We believe in humanizing technology so that its inevitable advance will mean happier and more connected humans. We create exciting spaces and meaningful experiences that bring people and machines together for the good of all.


The Mathile Family


The Mathile family has made a significant commitment to a new venture. Krush Technologies builds on the success of existing Mathile investments, most notably ooVoo, the world’s largest independent video chat app and winner of the CES 2016 Innovation Award. The investment marks a substantial expansion of the Mathile’s commitment to advanced video and media ventures and aligns to Clay Mathile’s founding vision for ooVoo, bringing people closer together through innovation and technology. Krush products create genuine connections, narrowing the gap between humans and technology.