We ignore boundaries, building tech that spans physical and virtual worlds, hardware, software, and engineering. Our products create spaces for true engagement, excitement, and interaction.

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Open up life.

With more than 185 million users, ooVoo is the world’s highest quality group video chat app featuring collaborative stories and allowing you to connect with friends, family, and the worldwide ooVoo community. Available on iOS and Android tablets, PC, Mac, and web. Download today!

  • Multi-Party
    Video Chat
  • Private Video
    With Friends
  • Collaborative
    Content Creation
  • Share With The
    World & Inspire

A digital speed date.

Heystax is the crazy-fun and all new speed dating app that’s getting emotional. The app is a digital wingman, matching two players in a live, timed video chat. During the speed date, we leverage Intelligent Video® and user patterns to determine emotional compatibility. Players say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to collect contacts and see who’s scoring the most friends.

  • Real People,
    Not Profiles
  • Enhanced
  • Smart

Power the pixels.

Built on 20 years of investment in a globally-dispersed video cloud, Intelligent Video® layers added tech to respond and deliver insights in real-time. The first integrated tech was based on 10 years of MIT science and a deep understanding of human emotion. Developers around the world are using our SDK to power their apps, access complex data points, and transform their users’ experiences.

  • Real-time
  • Live Video
  • Emotion Analytics

Make me flinch.

The first ever social gaming app of its kind, Flinch combines video chat and emotion sensing technology for a high-tech take on the classic staring contest. No need for a friend to call the shots. Flinch matches two players and automatically determines the winner based on who cracks a grin first.

  • Powered by
    Intelligent Video®
  • Social
  • Decided by

Feelings give focus.

Ahead of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, we created a mobile experience that measured reactions to political content -- all in real time. Emotit for President allowed users see how they, and others, felt about election videos all while programmatically determined the most engaging moment in every video.

  • Emotionally
    Curated Feed
  • Real-Time
  • Engagement

Physical meets virtual.

Innovating today’s tech and imagining the next-gen mash-up of human-meets-tech. Moveo is the first free rotation VR simulator built to enhance the Oculus® experience. Move through 3D worlds, fly through space, and feel the gravitational pull of nearby objects as you connect what you’re seeing and feeling in whole new ways. Experience the incredible excitement of this fantastic physical/virtual collision.

  • ‘Real’ Virtual
  • Performance
  • Development